The Horizon

The perfect relaxing destination


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The Horizon - the perfect relaxing destination

A charming decades old bungalow used as a kindergarten has been transformed into what is now the perfect relaxing destination - The Horizon.....................

The Horizon is located at 1st mile Jalan Seremban, i.e about 1.6 km from Port Dickson town. There is a public beach within 1 minute walk from the back of the house. The beach area is called Tanjung Gemuk and it stretches to Glory Beach Resort few hundred meters away.

The Horizon is one of the very very few sea front property that truely touches the sea. Thus a concrete deck with wooden railing and pergola was purposefully built to hang above the sea water. During high tide, you get the chance to watch the waves coming in under you on the deck. Watching sunset on the deck is truely enchanting.........